Gunderman Wellness Treatment Plans

Recieve up to 4 visits per month, ideal for patients who visit more than twice per month. Plan duration is 12 months. No Refunds, enrollment fee applies. Additional visits after the fourth are only $10.00.
  • $69.00/Month
  • Cost per visit is less than $18.00
  • 65% savings per year / $1,560.00 saved per year
Youth (17 and under):
  • $39.00/Month
  • Cost per visit is less than $10.00
  • 75% savings per year

For New Patients: $40.00 Quality First Visit

First visit is required for all new patients. Includes free 5-15 min consultation and exam. Adjustment is not included. Adjustments begin on second visit. Click Here for information on adjustment with first visit.